podex art gallery in second life

Podex Art Gallery is a non-profit project aimed at promoting creativity of Second Life Residents. Our goal is to bring together various art tendencies to showcase the diversity of Second Life art. The three-floor gallery building features both permanent and temporary exhibitions and allows you to sample the diverse talents not only of creators already recognized for their work but also of those who have just entered the scene of Second Life art.

Visitors can already find a unique set of artifacts gathered in our permanent exhibition room. We think of it as of a "starter set" though, built on our own preferences and our subjective perception of Second Life art. The main idea  is  for this collection to continually grow, and what is crucial for us is that it grows in absolutely organic way, due to the input of contemporary active creators featured in our temporary exhibitions first.

Podex Art Gallery provides exhibitors with the ideal opportunity to promote their art. 
And this is how we would love to be perceived, This is the very first reason for this space to come to existence and this is also the basic  message we want to send.
Podex Art gallery logo
We would like to encourage all those amazing and talented people out there to showcase their work. To make themselves visible.
Should you be interested in exhibiting in Podex Art Gallery, please, don't hesitate to contact us inworld or via web page contact form.
Podex Art Gallery is powered by Podex Exchange
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